Power Thoughts supports children as young as 5 through their own experiences of growing up.

It does NOT replace or dilute the experiences that make childhood what it’s supposed to be. Ups and downs and challenges make us who we are.

I focus on building resilience so they are better able to manage their emotions, respond to challenges and obstacles in a more resourceful way allowing your child to feel calmer, happier and more confident within themselves.

For example:

  • Do your children often struggle to manage their BIG emotions? (hello bedtime meltdowns!)

  • Are they lashing out when things don’t go their way and perhaps they find it difficult to bounce back after making mistakes? Or they might give up too soon or be afraid to try again?

  • Do tests or exams feel like a mountain to climb with self doubt getting in their way and dominating family life?

  • At times, do you feel helpless and wish you could DO something to help your young one and yet not eliminate the necessary experiences of growing up?

Parenting in the 21st Century is not for the feint hearted and with considerations ranging from which school is best for your youngster right through to which step is in fact the naughty step, it is no surprise you feel overwhelmed by conflicting information when it comes to how best to support your children.

All you really want to do is give them the best start possible. 

Increasingly, we adults are exploring and investing in improving our emotional and mental health. For you it might be self care habits, being more aware of having offline time, perhaps using apps and self development books to bring more clarity and calm to your day. Every little helps and even small shifts can make a big difference.

Up to now, the focus on wellbeing and building life skills has been reserved for grown ups and yet, what if we could bring mindful magic to younger generations now?

What if our children could be taught a tool kit to tap into in their early years, that would help them during these crucial life stages / milestones? Developing their life skills around…

•   Mistakes are cool

•   Managing the ‘big’ emotions

•   Making friends

•   Embracing their uniqueness

•   Self belief for any situation

•   Managing their feelings of overwhelm especially when it comes to their school work and preparing for exams

•   Understanding that challenges and mistakes are the perfect opportunity to grow, developing their ‘muscles’ of perseverance and resiliency

This is one of the reasons I started Power Thoughts. Not to deny children the growth opportunities that are part and parcel of school and home life but to help them experience these with more calm and confidence so they can find their own way and stand up from every stumble.



About Power Thoughts

Having been a teacher for 15 years, the classroom was my favourite place to be and yet I became worried at the increasing anxiety reported by parents and seen on the faces of children in my classroom. I wanted to help on a deeper level but struggled to make an impact in the time squeezed between lessons and other duties.

It was in the latter years of my teaching career that a coaching qualification training provided me with extra resources relating to mindfulness, self enquiry and emotional wellbeing to help the children and I brought these into school with me.

More and more these lessons were requested by the pupils and with that, more and more the positive impact was noticed both in school and out of school…

- Fewer bedtime meltdowns

- Longer periods of focus and continued learning

- More giggles in the playground

- Fewer fallouts between friends (and siblings!)

- Calmer, clearer heads at exam time and in the build up to this intense period of term

It was around then that requests were made for private sessions from parents like you, and I was able to tailor programs of mindfulness and coaching to help children as young as 5 achieve their own Power Thoughts.

Which brings me to today, whilst sharing and teaching Power Thoughts to over a thousand children, with my work featured in the national press, podcasts and even live morning television, my intention is always to be focused on helping one child at a time be as happy as they can possibly be.

My work provides a deeper understanding of how your child works best so that you can communicate and support them to the very highest degree. For example, how to give feedback so that it can be received and acted on, greater insight into learning styles, identifying their personal motivations, thus providing strategies for success.

Working together

Private Power Thoughts sessions are available in a range of packages which are designed to serve your child to the very highest benefit. Following a free consultation call I will create a proposal for parents to review with my suggestions to help your child where support is most needed.

I have helped youngsters with:

  • Managing their ‘big’ emotions (anger, frustration, anxious feelings)

  • Worry and confidence wobbles

  • Developing their ‘muscles’ of resilience and perseverance

  • Embracing mistakes and the process of processing life lessons

  • Managing their exam stress and school overwhelm

  • Calmer exchanges in the family and dissolving attitude issues for better child/parent relationships

I am passionate about working closely with parents, keeping you in the loop and you can expect detailed updates following sessions so you can understand topics covered and these can then be enjoyed and reinforced in the home after sessions.

Often starting with the invaluable insight provided by a DISC Profile, the aim is to work with the child’s learning style and personality traits to treat each young person as the individual they truly are.

An example of a typical session may involve arriving in person (or on Skype), fun exercises and games to put your child at ease, exercises like My Body Signals and Power Breathing to help your children gain a deeper understanding of their emotions and being able to use simple tools to help  keep them calmer and in a space of resourcefulness. 

The tools and skills taught will also be shared with parents so that you are further able to continue supporting your child whilst developing positive strategies and habits that support them. Ongoing email support is provided throughout the duration of the package so that I can be as present as you wish whilst we work together to support your child.

Packages start from £500.00 and payment plans are also available.