Your child's ability to learn is intrinsically linked to their self confidence which is why power thoughts is such an effective program to empower your child's academic progress.


About Natalie:

I am a Qualified Primary School teacher with over ten years of classroom and 1:1 teaching experience and I’m all too familiar with the struggles, pressures and demands that children currently face.

I have observed how easily children become disengaged when they are faced with a difficult task; how quickly they feel they CAN’T do something, simply because it’s more challenging to achieve; how anxious they feel with the ever increasing demands from the curriculum and from society as a whole. 

I have a wealth of expertise when it comes to helping children tackle these concerns - along with my practical teaching skills I also help children develop a positive mindset so that they are more resilient and develop a Can Do attitude when it comes to their learning / academic performance.

My approach to tutoring is flexible, tailoring to each students unique needs.

Along with helping equip the children with the necessary skills for their learning, I am also aware of how their mindset and emotions influence their ability embrace new learning. My sessions consist of practical teaching methods of the skills and knowledge needed as well as providing children with the necessary tools they need to help them manage their mindset more effectively. For Key Stage 2 and Entrance exams I also help children focus on developing their time management study skills which will help the tutees help themselves.

Areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

Phonics, preparation for phonics screening testing in KS1; reading, maths, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 SATs preparation, handwriting,punctuation and grammar.

Preparation for 7+ and 11+ Common entrance exams


£35.00 - £45.00 p/hour with discounts available for purchase of 5 or more sessions


BA Early Child Development, BsocSci Psychology, Honours in Psychology; Personal Performance Diploma - Coaching academy, Applied use of Mindfulness for children British Mindfulness Institute 

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