Toot Toot!

School’s out for the Summer!

And with that said I’m super excited to introduce Power Thoughts

Summer Special Sessions!

These are available for a limited time only, so if you’ve ever wanted to experience the Power Thoughts magic, individual to your child and their needs, then now is the time! 

WHAT: A single, 75-minute online session designed to help your child:

  • process any heebie- jeebies from the school term

  • learn and retain a positive mindset

  • connect with family life

  • boost their mood for their best Summer ever (and most confident return to school when the new term starts!)

Based on a free consult with you, to understand the needs of your child, during our time together they will learn practical tools to help them manage their feelings, build their confidence and boost their muscles of resilience, helping them feel calmer, happier and empowered (say goodbye to the sibling squabbles and hello to a summer of laughter, calm and ease

WHERE: The Power Thoughts Summer Sessions are delivered online which means that they take place within the comfort of your home at a time that is suitable for you and your child. You’ll also receive a Power Pack containing all the activities shared, and as an added bonus, you’ll receive a recording of our session so that you’ll be able to replay as much as you wish! 

My 9-year-old absolutely loved his online calls with Natalie. She’s so engaging, positive and filled with ideas that the calls were something he really looked forward to.

They have helped immensely with his ability to help himself when feeling anxious or worried and made him realise how he can affect how he feels.

We can’t thank Natalie enough for her support and wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.
— Francesca Geens

Power Thoughts Summer Sessions are the perfect antidote to help your children feel calm, relaxed and at ease during the summer holidays - allowing for deeper connection and fewer sibling upsets, leaving them open to enjoy summer to the full!

The tools and information shared also provide the perfect opportunity for your children to practice and apply all that was taught, therefore allowing them to feel confident and excited for the changes of the new academic year ahead!

Whilst sessions are bespoke and tailored to your request, typical themes include : 


Managing the Big Feelings:

Together we will explore when your child  feels their ‘big feelings’ such as worry, anger, stress or frustration.

In a fun and accessible way, your child will be introduced to the functions of their brain and learn how to support their brain through the use of simple mindfulness activities as well as exploring additional tools to help them stay calm, focused and more resourceful. 



Calming the worries:

Practical tools are shared to help your child manage their self-talk and learn powerful tools to shift their worries to empowerment instead!

We will explore the importance of mindset when faced with challenges and learn powerful tools to help your child shift their perceptions, knowing that they have a ‘choice’ with regards to their thoughts and how they respond, placing them in a space of empowerment!

(This is the perfect session if your child tends to be a little worrier!) 


Mistakes are Cool!

During this session your child will learn how to deal with setbacks and learn powerful strategies to help them reframe their mistakes as an opportunity to grow and learn.

Through craft activities, practical tools will be shared encouraging them to embrace their mistakes and ‘bounce back’ with power, setting them up for the next steps in their development!

Additional themes include: Confident Me, The Power of my Super Hero, Back to School with Confidence and many more!

Click below to find out how this little boy used the tools he learned to help him get back up!


£149 (normal price £190)

(Terms: Pay in full OR, 50% on booking confirmation and second 50% on or before date of session)

What’s included:

  • A 75 minute Power Thoughts Summer Session on a theme (bespoke to your child’s needs)

  • A Power Pack which includes all the worksheets and activities to be shared during our session

  • A ‘cheat-sheet’ which includes an overview of the key tools taught

  • A recording of our session, allowing you to replay and review as much as you like!

A few important snippets of information:

  • Following our free consultation you shall receive an email from me sharing the necessary information allowing you to access our call.

  • Your Power Pack will be emailed to you prior to our call so that your child is prepared for our time together.

  • Each session is designed to be fun, practical and interactive - and laughter is guaranteed! We will start off with a few ‘get to know each other’ games allowing your child to feel comfortable and relaxed. It will be a ‘teaching’ style session where your child will be able to follow along with my slides and complete their activities - spelling don’t count and there are no ‘wrong answers’:)

  • Please feel free to join in on the fun, so that you too are able to continue supporting your child. That said, many children prefer to work by themselves too!

  • Following our call I shall briefly share an overview with you too so that you are further able to support your child at home.

  • The sessions are typically designed for children 6 - 11 years of age. That being said, children outside this age range will also benefit from the tools shared and material can be adapted according to the age of your child.

I have noticed a real difference in Sophie’s confidence level and how she is able to tell me her thoughts. We have been able to use the tools that Natalie taught to explore thoughts and emotions in an accessible way.

The coaching session has really opened up some avenues of conversation and understanding between us and Sophie is in such a good place right now, I cannot thank you enough!!
— Ruth, Mum of Sophie

What happens next: 

Sessions are designed to be unique to your child. To book your free consult simply complete the form below and we can go forward from there to arrange a time to book in your free consultation.

We will arrange a time to have brief call so that I can be fully prepared for our sessions!

Name *
Natalie! I wanted to share with you the song that Ela sang this morning! There has been such a great change with her and I am so proud of her. This happened with your help!

Thank you for helping her in this difficult time of change. We are so glad that we met you!
— Pinar , Mum of Ela

Click below to hear the wonderful song created by Ela!

In summAry, here’s what your child can expect to gain from our time spent together:

Increased Confidence

To develop a stronger sense of ‘self’, adopting a ‘Can-do’ attitude and develop their inner wellbeing.

Increased Self-awareness

To be better able to manage their worries, frustrations and anxieties, allowing your child to feel calm and respond from a resourceful state.

Embrace change and prepare them for the next steps in their development

Your child will feel more confident and empowered, allowing them to take action and create positive changes.

I can’t wait to share my Power Thoughts magic with you and your child and I look forward to hEaring from you!