• Are your children often held back by their worries and self-doubts?

  • Do they often compare themselves to their peers, feeling left out or left behind?

  • Does your child often worry or get stressed about their exams, tests and school work?

  • Are your children afraid of making a mistake and getting things wrong?

  • Do they lack confidence when it comes to trying a new skill, making friends or ‘having a go’ at a new task? 

  • Do they come home from school feeling withdrawn or subdued and reluctant to share their thoughts?

If so, then my Power Thoughts coaching programme is for them! 

During the programme your child will receive personalised, one-to-one support helping them develop a growth mindset, so that they are able to regulate their own thoughts and emotions, knowing that they have the ‘power’ to choose an alternative state.


They will be taught how:

   To view their challenges, tests and ‘mistakes’ as an opportunity to grow and to learn, so that they are ultimately moving toward fulfilling their potential.

   To recognise when they are feeling ‘stressed’ or anxious and identify their triggers.

   Apply effective tools to help them stay calm, allowing them to be more focused and concentrate on the task at hand, supporting their academic focus and progression.

   To apply simple mindfulness based activities which will have a positive effect on their lives so that they are able to use these both in and out of the school environment.


The Power Thoughts coaching sessions can take place in the comfort of your own home, either in person (if geographically applicable) or over Skype. All worksheet and activities are easy to download and Skype is a flexible and just as effective way of teaching. Coaching sessions are delivered in packages of 3 and each session is 50 min in duration. 

Before the programme commences I will first have a telephone or Skype call with you to gain a deeper understanding about your child. This is an opportunity to highlight any difficulties you feel your child is currently experiencing as well as providing some background information so that I can best serve them.

With this in mind, all the sessions are tailored around your child’s experiences and questions and support will be directly related to your child’s concerns.Your child is encouraged to take ownership of their actions and desired outcomes, helping build their confidence and allowing them to gain responsibility and feel empowered.

These sessions can be a real kick-start if you feel your child is falling behind school, if they’re feeling a lack of self-confidence or struggling to cope with the pressures and demands of life both in and out of school.



Often children want to share the tools they have learnt and parent participation is greatly encouraged. This not only helps parents gain a better understanding but it also helps develop the positive habits that are being encouraged during the sessions. 

Additional resources are provided for parents so that they too can support their children in between the session.

All sessions are confidential unless your child gives me permission to discuss our conversations with you or they have disclosed something to me that I need to pass onto Social Services.

Power Thoughts sessions are fun, practical and supportive. Children are encouraged to share their experiences and I ask children a range of questions so that they are able share their thoughts, ensuring that my programme is tailored for their specific needs and experiences.

  • The benefit of the skills learnt, and tools and information taught, reach far further than just their academic learning and life at school. Your child is encouraged to explore and consolidate their learning, and the skills learnt set them up for the next steps in their development.


  • The programme is designed in such a way that your child is taught to build on their individual strengths, to help them focus on what they CAN offer, encouraging them to be more open and honest about their difficulties.


  • Strengths, effort, perseverance and motivation are celebrated and activities are put in place so that your child receives positive recognition and praise, reminding them of their strengths.

"Many of my teachers said how my confidence has improved this year and it’s all because of you. The sessions have really helped me, especially with my anxiety before the exams. I also received a prize for determination and perseverance, which would have been impossible before you started coaching me.”  

Ben Davison, Year 7 - St Paul’s School, London


"Power Thoughts has helped me to stay calm and it's also helped me to not listen to my negative thoughts, but instead pay attention to my positive thoughts." 

Kavin, Year 4


"My 8 and 10 year old sons have thoroughly enjoyed Ms Costa’s Power Thoughts sessions and they have responded in ways I never expected. Initially with a visible boost to confidence and attitude, and more recently by actively embracing the power of positive mindset as a way of life. 

Mrs.B Greame, Parent