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The impact of Power Thoughts coaching

"Our daughter can be a little worrier and Ms Costa’s Power Thought sessions seem to do the trick! She has used Ms Costa’s tips all the time! Once she came home and wanted small, round, colourful stickers. She then placed them everywhere around the house (light switches , her bed frame, hairbrush, table etc) Ms Costa had told her, if she had an unhelpful thought and sees one of those stickers, she had to change her mind to a positive thought instead. It is brilliant and it even works for me. She is learning to respond with greater wisdom and flexibility to difficult emotions and experiences. We can all learn from this. I can only recommend this and I hope it becomes available more and more for everyone."

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"My 8 and 10 year old sons have been part of Ms Costa’s Power Thoughts sessions in school, responding in ways I never expected. Initially with a visible boost to confidence and attitude, and more recently by actively embracing the power of positive mindset as a way of life. In a world which is increasingly daunting and difficult for our growing children, I'm very happy they have been able to learn about Mindfulness."

"The sessions have helped me be less negative and I enjoyed learning about my self-nasty and super hero!"  - Year 5

"The Power Thoughts sessions have helped me believe in myself and build my confidence" - Year 6

"I think the sessions have helped me learn tricks to not be so scared" - Year 5

"They have helped me deal with my worries and I like the fact that I got time to myself where I could slow down" - Year 6

"I have learnt how to calm myself down and not get so stressed before a text or exam" - Year 6

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